About Us

The heart of the band comes from the testimony of Pip Lucas. At each show Pip shares his story of self-harm and cutting, which resonates with many teens who are trapped in the addiction. “It’s an addiction that is a reaction to being emotionally hurt and it leaves physical scars, in addition to mental scars.We are a bunch of brothers travelling around, trying to figure out the big decisions in life together. When one of us accomplishes something, we feel like we have all taken a step forward. Conversely, when one of us is hurting, we all hurt.

We love having fun onstage and rocking out with the audience, meeting these incredible people and all that - but we want to be about something. If you're looking for entertainment, we can provide, but if that's all you're looking for - the mainstream can do just fine. We want to share the message we feel God wants us to share. The world doesn’t need another rock band. What the world needs is hope and that’s what we’re about.

The Band